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Sundow Polymers Co., Ltd. is a high-tech chemical company that is focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of impact modifiers and processing aid. It is one of the industrial pioneers and leaders of Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE), acrylic impact modifier (AIM), acrylic processing aid (AIP), MBS impact modifier, Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) and ADC blowing agent in China. It has been in the R&D of chlorinated polymers and acrylic products business over 23 years.
Sundow Polymers is located in the Yellow River delta development zone in the Shandong Province. It has two manufacturing facilities with over 150 acres. Currently it has four main product series with an annual capacity as follows: 50,000 metric tons (MT) of CPE, 15000 MT AIM, 10000 MT AIP, 25,000 MT MBS, 10000 MT CPVC resin.
Because of our unique R&D experience in the chlorinated polymer business, we have currently developed 15 grades in the CPE series. These grades can be applied in the flexible and rigid plastic products, flame-retardant ABS, cable wire insulation and jacket, industrial and automobile hoses, magnetic rubber and various special purpose rubber products etc. These grades can be served for a variety of needs to our customers. Our product WELLPREN TM CPE has gained high reputation among our domestic and international customers.

WELLPREN TM CPE is marketed to most major industrial leaders across 40 countries. Many world top window profile, wire/cable and FR-ABS manufacturers have been our regular customers.
Sundow has creative technology and advanced management for producing AIM and AIP, which is derived from former joint venture with a world class AIM/AIP producer. Sundow WELLPLA TM AIM and AIP series products enjoy high reputation in China and now begin to march into the international top market.
Sundow represents its affiliate company for sale of MBS impact modifier in international market in the Sundow brand name of WELLPA TM. WELLPA TM has 6 grades and is widely used in opaque and transparent products.

In last two years, Sundow has been committed to improving the quality of Supla TM CPVC resin and compound series products, catering to the increasing market demand, now Sundow Supla TM CPVC resin and compound are successfully exporting to international markets such India, Korea, Mid-east. Supla TM CPVC resin and compound will become another competitive product of Sundow.
Sundow has the state of the art manufacturing facilities with the DCS automatic control system, modern analytical equipments, great management team, and high quality assurance system. Sundow has received the ISO9000 certification and Shandong Provincial high-tech certification.
Our goal is to become the leading R&D and manufacturer of CPE in the world, the leading manufacturer of acrylic impact modifier, acrylic processing aid and MBS impact modifier in Asia within the next two years.
WELLPREN TM, WELLPLA TM, WELLPA TM, and SURPLA TM are the Registered Trademark of Sundow Polymers Co., LTD.  
Office: 8 F/L.,Renhe Mansion, No.399, Xuanwu street, Economic developing Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China.
Post code: 261031  TEL: +(86) 536 8057068  FAX: +(86) 536 8057018  Email:  
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