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SUNDOW new CPE plant put into operation

After one year’s contruction, SUNDOW new CPE plant put into operation. The design capacity is 50,000 tons.

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SUNODW signed exclusive distribution agreement with Omya in European countries

On 17 March, Sundow signed the exclusive distribution agreement for Wellpren CPE in some European countries.Omya is the biggest CaCO3 producers in the world, the 4th  biggest

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SUNDOW begin to export CPVC resin to India market in big scale

Compared with the old CPVC plant, the Surpla™ CPVC resin quality produced by the new CPVC plant has a big increase, according to several Indian customers, SurplaTM CPVC resin has better thermosta

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SUNDOW new CPVC plant put into operation

SUNDOW SURPLA CPVC RESIN PRODUCING LINE Sundow new CPVC plant with annual capacity of 15,000 tons was put into operation last week. From 2008 Sundow began to produce CPVC resin in small scale, but as

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A new CPE factory is under contruction

A new CPE plant with annual capacity of 50,000 tons is under construction.  This new CPE factory take the most advanced technology based on German technology, compared with the old water phase te

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SUNDOW set up a new lab for CPVC resin and compound

In order to test/verify and to further improve Surpla™ CPVC resin/compound quality and quality consistency, Sundow invested a good deal of money buying expensive test machines such as Brabender R

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Sundow Polymers starts to use paper bag for SURPLA CPVC resin

From May 2013, Sundow Polymers Co., Ltd. starts to use paper bag for the export of SURPLA TM CPVC resin. The new packing bag is more beautiful and environmentally friendly. We also could pro

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Sundow Polymers attended the ChinaPlas2013

Sundow Polymers attached the ChinaPlas2013 which was hold in Guangzhou from 20 - 23 May, 2013. In this exhibition, we received over 100 customers from all over the word. They are very interesting

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