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WELLPREN®CPE is chlorinated polyethylene polymers produced by combining chlorine and polyethylene in an aqueous slurry, in a process which is unique to Sundow Polymers Co., LTD. Its saturated, linear high molecular structure enables WELLPREN®CPE with many superior physical and chemical performances. Compared with other synthetic rubbers and plastics impact modifiers in the market, WELLPREN®CPE has become more and more widely acknowledged by the customers in plastics and rubber fields. 

WELLPREN® is the registered trademark of Sundow Polymers Co., LTD.


WELLPREN®CPE is divided into two series based on different final applications, WELLPREN®RESIN (IM series) is designed for plastic impact modification, and WELLPREN®RUBBER (CM series) is for rubber application.

    image.pngWELLPREN®RESIN (IM series) 

    image.png WELLPREN®RUBBER (CM series) 


WELLPREN® chlorinated polyethylene can be used in many thermoplastic or thermo-set applications. In thermoplastics, WELLPREN® is used as an impact modifier for PVC-based window profiles, pipes, and other profiles for interior use. When used in thermosets, WELLPREN® provides an excellent balance of oil, chemical and heat resistance with good flame retardant propertied, in automotive, wire and cable and general rubber applications.


Sundow developed many types of packages catering for all kinds of customers demand. 25KG PP bags and 25KG PE bags are our standard packing. 25KG low melting point bags greatly facilitate rubber customers; 500KG/750KG super sucks are very welcomed by plastic manufacturers who have the automatic feeding system. We can also offer neutral packing based on the customers’ requirements.