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Dicumyl Peroxide(DCP)

n  Brief Introduction

Dicumyl peroxide is primarily used in the manufacture of polymers and elastomers. White crystal, insoluble in water, dissolving in alcohol, ether, benzene, and other organic solvents. Sublimable in high vacuum.

Name:                 Dicumyl peroxide, bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide, DCP1554900787587057.jpg

Chemical name (IUPAC): 1,1'-(dioxydipropane-2,2-diyl)dibenzene

CAS number:               80-43-3

EC number:                  201-279-3

Molecular formula:      C18H22O2

Molecular weight:      270.38

Structure:                   1554900837776190.png

n  Technical Specification




White crystals

Purity (wt %)


Active Oxygen Content (wt %)


Melting Point


Volatiles (wt %)


Decomposing temp


Half-life period

1min (180)1hour (132)10hours (116)

n  Applications

² An efficient organic peroxide cross-linking agent for PE, EVA, EPR, Silicone and VAE.1554901494549558.png

²  Cross-linking agent for EVA foam sheet, EVA shoe sole and PE foam.

²  Initiator of polymerization of Styrene, mainly used for EPS resin.

²  Initiator/cross-linking agent for XLPE, mainly used for cable insulation material.

²  Curing agent or hardener for UP resin, acrylic resin.

n  Packing

5kg/PE bag, 20kg/carton box. Stored below 30℃, keep from direct sunbeam and violent shaking during transportation. Not permissible to be accompanied with strong acid or reductive during storage or shipment.